The Bitterness of Poor Quality

I have started to see ads for a company who offers private ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons at Cad$15 per hour. This raised a big red flag for me – it is even possible to do a half-way decent job for such a low price? In my opinion, absolutely not.

‘You get what you pay for’ is an old saying my mother used to tell us. Equally true is ‘You pay for what you get’. A qualified professional (and by ‘qualified’ I mean a native speaker who is a teacher with many, many hours’ experience and an expert in the language) will not let their skills go for such low pay. Would you go to a doctor that had the lowest rates in town? He probably also has the least experience and years of study. You just know from experience this is something to avoid.

It bothers me because we are all shopping for bargains, trying to save a bit, but someone will spend good, hard-earned money and get virtually nothing in return, and that is simply cruel. Better to have realistic expectations – and know what you’re paying for.

Greentree has over 2,500 hours of ESL teaching experience with online and in-person, personal and corporate groups and individuals. We have received high praise for the fun environment we provide. We care about our students’ progress in life, and teach lessons that connect with their real lives. Contact us for more details.

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