Pro tip: ‘typoglycemia’

Even if you were the reigning spelling bee champ in high school, you could still suffer from ‘typoglycemia’. This newly-coined term refers to your brain’s ability to skip over typos and other errors when reading text, auto-correcting them in your mind. This happens because your brain reads words as a whole and not by the letter.

The best solution is to have someone else (particularly a professional and qualified someone else) go over your material. They must look at the letter order in every word, every piece of punctuation, and every sentence’s meaning to make sure it says what you intend it to say.

Greentree Communications has been doing this professionally since 2007. We have edited books, commercial documents, websites – you name it. We stick with you through the whole editing and proofreading process until your material says exactly what you want it to. Take a look at our website (, and feel free to ask us a question or two – we’ll help you for free. That’s just the kind of Canadians we are.

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