Welcome to Greentree Communications!

Do you know what ‘verve‘ is? We do, and we’ve got it – and we can give it to you!

Greentree Communications‘ team will make your corporate or personal documents, manuscripts, presentations, projects, and webpages come alive with colour, vitality, and impact by providing these top-level services:

– Editing

– Proof-reading

– Translation English to French

– Translation French to English

– Translation-and-Editing

Why choose Greentree?

The word ‘Greentree’ evokes images of health, colour, growth, energy, warmth, vitality – all things you have in your business. All things you want othersto see in your business.

At Greentree, we know how to put words and concepts together to stand out and be distinctly yours. And that’s not all. We will give them energy, vivid color, and emphasis – in short, verve. The result will be professional, easy to read, interesting – and most importantly, say what you want it to say!.

Greentree Communications is your complete language partner, making sure your message to the outside world reflects these qualities. . .and more. Through working closely with you and effective creative editing, proofreading,translation, and translation-and-editing, we will find new ways to announce your presence and abilities to your desired audience – an audience waiting for a new approach!

Our skilled team has worked with all types of clients, from private individuals to public and non-profit organizations and publishers. We will bring that experience and professionalism to what we do for you!

Please browse the rest of our site and let us know if there is any way we can help you!

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